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Improving Safety and Communications between First Responders and the Communities that they serve.

ESC concentrates on the following areas of safety and communications -  

Child Passenger Safety
Equipment includes Fold & Roll Signs to promote and help locate Child Passenger Safety Events, permanent Child Passenger Safety Fitting Stations and Bike Rodeo Events. Other Equipment is used to help manage the flow of traffic in and around the event or fitting station as well as identify the Child Passenger Safety Technicians.
Scene Safety
Products are for First Responders who not only have to face the unknown factors of the incident that they are responding to , but they also have to be concerned about the safety around the incident scene as well as their safety. ESC is as concerned about safety at the scene as you are. That is why we have selected these products to assist you with scene safety. And these products do not require a great deal of space when stored in a truck compartment or a personal vehicle.
Traffic Safety & Speed Awareness
Products encompass Speed Awareness Trailers and Signs, and Portable Signage as well as Programmable Dynamic Message Board (PDMS) Trailers.
Bike Rodeo

A Bike Rodeo is an opportunity to educate children (and parents) about the safety aspects of riding a bicycle on streets and roads while practicing and developing skills that will help them become better bicyclists.


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Emergency Scene Ahead Sign
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Bike Rodeo Starter Kit
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